Who wants to boost their business’ online presence? Everyone, basically. There are plenty of ways to achieve this. But the best way is to catch people’s attention with the latest graphic design trends.

In this article, we will share the upcoming trends you can adopt to spice up and update your business and brand. 

How Graphic Design Trends Can Boost Your Online Presence

We all know the saying: “Never judge a book by its cover.” It is a good lesson to learn. However, in reality, we are visual beings. It is how our ancestors survived and how we continue to thrive to this day. 

But really, why though? What is the importance of graphic design that can affect even just your online presence?

For one, there is a psychological aspect to it that plays up to the sole purpose of good graphic design: To entice people and spark an emotional response. Marketers bank on this response and guide viewers into paying customers.

Two, it can help tell your story and who you are as a business. This can be expressed through colours and specific imagery that people associate with certain messages and ideas. 

So how can you use this to your advantage and boost your online presence? 

Online content, of course. However, not just any content will do—you need to be very visual. That means images, infographics, posters, reels, and videos coupled with the latest graphic design trends. 

How people use and consume the internet has changed over the past few years. Millions of people worldwide use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok—all driven by visual content. 

Plus, people do not waste time at all with websites with outdated or poor designs. You do not need to be an expert to know this, you can personally attest to this already. Google SEO and social media metrics just back this up with the data.

9 Upcoming Graphic Design Trends To Watch Out For

But we do not need to convince you. The fact that you are reading this right now means you know how good design can impact your business. That said, here are the latest graphic design trends that help improve your online presence

Graphic design trends

Minimal Vintage

Any minimalist design is pleasing to the eyes. 

Minimal vintage is one of the graphic design trends that takes a nod to the popular vintage style elements from the 20th century. In this case, it is updated with the minimalist approach. As a result, the overall design does not look retro or vintage at all. 

How to achieve this: Focus on one specific colour palette or typeface that has clear references to the particular decade. Use that single element in your minimalist design.

Photographic Branding

Photography is on the rise. Do not worry, you can still insert illustrations in your branding and content. 

People have enjoyed illustration for the past couple of years. But recently, photography is going toe-to-toe with it. And the reason is simple: Companies want to highlight the human aspect—and it is not only for 2023. 

How to achieve this: Taking high-quality photos is a logistical nightmare, especially if you are running on a tight schedule. Luckily, plenty of royalty-free sites already have good photographs you can use. Simply take the human elements from the photographs and add these to your illustrations and web design.   

The Return Of The Sans Serif

Recently, web designers and graphic designers are transitioning to minimalist graphic design trends. Another example of this is Sans Serif.  There is a certain freshness with this particular typeface. It is legible, clean, and easy on the eyes.

How to achieve this: Use Sans Serif or other similar fonts on your website and online content. You can also lessen the number of visual elements for online content and make the font bigger. 

Rich Jewel Colours

Graphic designers are starting to move away from the neons of the late 2010s and the cute putty colours of the 2020s. 

Yes, neon is attention-grabbing, and neutrals and soft colour palettes are pleasing to the eyes. However, one of the rising graphic design trends this 2023 is the exploration of the palette used in the 1930s: Rich jewel colours.  

How to achieve this: Use colours like crimson, burnt orange, forest green, and powdery lavender. This is a perfect match for brands that have a luxe or high-end persona.

Distorted Type

This is one of the quirkiest graphic design trends this coming 2023. As the name suggests, distorted type literally twists, turns, and knots any typeface to make into a design. 

How to achieve this: Select your preferred typeface. It would be better if the typeface looked formal. Stretch, melt, fade, and shape the word in any direction you want. But make sure it is still legible and can be easily understood.

Liquid Gradients

Gradients are one of the graphic design trends around with diverse variations. This one is just another reiteration of this ongoing trend.

Basically, liquid gradients look like a glossy or oily mix of colours—just like how colours move in oil and colours refracted from bubbles. 

How to achieve this: Select your colour palette. On your preferred illustration platform, layout and layer the colours. After that, use preset tools to warp, mix, and move around the colours until you are satisfied with how it looks. 

Flared Fonts

Any design with flared elements expresses fun, quirkiness, optimism, and friendliness. In this case, flare fonts are used by brands geared toward the youth, families, children, and the general public. 

How to achieve this: You can choose to use the already available ones. Or, you can customise any chunky serif font by doing slight edits to the edges and corners. 

You can choose any font. It just so happens that serifs are the most used because they are legible and polished.


The rise of NFTs, VR, AR, and AI programs gave rise to the creative interpretation of the metaverse. This is one of the graphic design trends that showcases futuristic and tech elements through typography, colour palette, and 3D illustrations.

How to achieve this: This design combines minimalism and sci-fi elements. Generally, the background is matte black with minimal visual elements. It champions a 3D illustration in the middle and is coloured with a neon palette.  

Condensed Typography

This is one of the graphic design trends that has been around. Condensed typography looks bold and commanding—a simple design with a powerful impact.

This 2023, designers are moving to declutter further and streamline. Utilising this trend, illustrations and web designs look updated but exude aggressive and in-your-face energy because of the size of the text and the space it visually takes up.

How to achieve this: You simply need to use big, legible fonts. The size should command a large chunk of your illustration or web page. The message should be simple and straight to the point. Use neon colours for the text and neutral colours (like black,  grey, and white) for other visual elements. 

Stay On Top Of The Graphic Design Trends

For businesses and designers, these serve as a way to keep you relevant with your viewers. These can also express a new direction or energy that enables your content to be regarded with a fresh perspective. Ultimately, this newfound interest in your website or social media page can help boost your online presence.

Graphic design trends are not just a fad. These mirror the change and evolution in the online creative space. However, that does not mean you have to apply all of these design elements to your content. You can apply certain aspects and tailor them to fit your illustrations and web design.

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