A lot of businesses, regardless of industry, prefer IT outsourcing in the Philippines. For one thing, because it is easy in a lot of aspects. Plus, we cannot discount the fact that Filipinos are widely known to be hospitable, capable people and are quite fluent in English. 

The archipelagic nation is an IT outsourcing destination that has helped many foreign and local businesses thrive and improve their operations, whether they are startups, SMEs, or large corporations. 

Moreso during the height of the pandemic. The abrupt transition from an office setup to a remote work setup due to the whole world’s lockdown was a challenge for many businesses. That said, companies that opted for an IT outsourcing Philippines service agency found it much easier.

Even with the new normal and pandemic restrictions that have eased, many companies still prefer to operate remotely and actively collaborate with their IT outsourcing team. 

The ease remote-adapted businesses enjoy further underlines the fact that outsourcing can help improve remote work. 

So, how exactly can outsourcing in the Philippines help your business? In this article, we share a list of benefits you can enjoy.

Why Outsourcing In The Philippines Is A Great Idea

First, the Philippines is known as the hot spot for remote work, particularly for IT  outsourcing and customer services. 

The archipelagic nation is acknowledged as one of the most prolific outsourcing destinations worldwide. Back in 2019, the Philippines stood second in the Tholons Globalization Index. That means a lot, given that there are other well-known outsourcing destinations, such as India.  

Second, you can tap into a large pool of educated and capable talents.

With the shift for businesses worldwide to go remote-first during the pandemic, the number of Filipinos opting to work remotely or in a hybrid setup has also proportionately increased. 

Lastly, in the local scene, outsourcing companies provide plenty of benefits and incentives and a healthy company culture. Filipino talents, like IT professionals with decades of experience, opt to join these companies for positive work experience on top of the benefits these companies provide. 

6 Benefits You Get With A Filipino Outsourced Team

If you are still carefully considering whether you should outsource to the Philippines, here are a couple of benefits that will greatly help your remote work setup.


One of the key reasons why so many businesses opt for IT outsourcing Philippines is because of cost. Basically, you can save a lot without sacrificing quality. 

To put it into perspective, in other countries, adding top IT talents to your in-house team will be expensive. On top of that, operational costs for doing everything in-house would eat a lot of your budget. 

IT outsourcing in the Philippines enables you to save on these two and actually allocate it for other things that can help improve your business. 

IT outsourcing

English Fluency

Another benefit is that many talents in the Philippines are fluent in English. 

English is one of the official languages in the country. Language is already integrated into the educational system and culture. So much so that it is widely used and often mixed with other native Filipino languages.

An example is Taglish, a mix of Tagalog and English that is often spoken in the National Capital Region.

Their fluency makes it easier to collaborate, even in a remote setup. Ultimately, this helps both sides, your in-house and outsourced team, to communicate and avoid any possible misunderstanding effectively.


Filipinos are adaptable people.  They are capable people who are easy to train even if tasks are out of their wheelhouse. 

Likewise, most can adjust to different time zones, some even work during graveyard shifts for their U.S. client. They can also fit in a remote work setup with a diverse team from different cultures.

Access To Talent

The fourth benefit is that outsourcing in the Philippines allows you to access a large talent pool. This is especially helpful if the talent pool in your country is experiencing a shortage. Or, the talents that you do find in your local talent pool are too expensive to hire for your in-house team.

The great thing about remote work is that you do not have to be limited to people who are just locally available. You can go beyond borders and have your own remote IT outsourcing Philippines team instead. 

Plus, when outsourcing in the Philippines, it will be easier for you to fill the gaps in your in-house team. It saves you time and effort going through countless applications and training. Your IT outsourcing team can be scaled up or down according to your needs with minimal training required.

Cultural Fit

It is true there are other options beyond the Philippines that are less competitive when it comes to the price of hiring an IT outsourcing team. However, not all of these options are as culturally fit. 

Another big advantage that Filipinos have is that they are already familiar with Western culture. To be precise, it is already ingrained and mixed into the country’s culture.

In addition to being fluent in English, being culturally fit helps make it easier for both your in-house and outsourced team to get along. Creating a more positive relationship ultimately helps improve inter-team collaboration and communication.


Education is a key factor in the Philippines’ job market, even before the integration of international standards such as the Senior High School Level. A college degree is one of the base requirements for most white-collar professions in the country.

What is more, a lot of the talents in IT outsourcing in the Philippines have years of experience. Some even span decades of expertise and knowledge. 

As a business, adding seasoned Filipino talents to your remote team is an investment that pays back. Not only will they help you complete projects but you also have the opportunity to learn from them also.

Final Thoughts

Remote work is here to stay. Even as restrictions have already eased and some businesses have transitioned back to a hybrid or complete on-site operations with the new normal. 

Moreover, remote work presents plenty of benefits, chief among these is its cost-efficiency. However, this can be a double-edged sword if you limit yourself to the talent market available within your country. 

IT outsourcing in the Philippines can give you the best of both worlds. You can maintain a remote-first operation without having to sacrifice efficiency, quality, and productivity.  Adding experienced Filipino talents to your offshore team can help boost your business. 

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