A good outsourced QA testing team can help in the success of any software development project.  This is because they work as a cohesive unit that ensures software quality and identifies and resolves any possible defects with a fine-toothed comb. 

In this article, we are sharing the qualities of an effective Philippine outsourced QA testing team and how to find one. 

Benefits of an Outsourced QA Testing Team

Instead of jumping right into how to outsource software testing team, we want you to know first the advantages when you opt for Philippine offshoring agencies or  performance testing companies: 

Access To Expertise

An outsourced QA testing team is comprised of the cream of the crop from software testing outsourcing companies specializing in your particular areas of interest. Each member possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you launch an excellent software product.  

In addition, because of their expert-level skill set, they can offer valuable insights into your software testing process and strategy.

Quicker Results

An outsourced QA testing team provides fast reactions, efficient scaling, and detailed reporting. This is all thanks to their expertise and the tools provided by the outsourcing partner.

Fresh Perspective

Much like writing, every work should still be reviewed by an editor. In this case, an outsourced QA testing team can provide unbiased and objective assessments, giving you a new perspective on your software project.

Reduced Management Effort

A QA recruitment agency not only provides you with a software testing team but also helps reduce your management responsibilities. This means they can also handle tasks such as tracking testing activities, following up on execution status, and scheduling defect triage meetings, to name a few.

Cost Savings

An outsourced QA testing team is a cost-effective option compared to hiring in-house. An outsourcing agency can help you save money, resources, and time while providing significant benefits.

9 Qualities of a Good Outsourced QA Testing Team

Now that you understand the benefits, here are the good qualities you should look for in an outsourced QA testing team: 

Effective Communication Skills

Since these people are working as a team, the basic expectation would be that each one can effectively communicate with one another to ensure a cohesive collaboration. Moreover, this is a vital power skill, or soft skill, because they must also articulate their ideas to their client.

Attention To Detail

As a software testing team, they need to go through every aspect of a software project with a fine-toothed comb. This requires that each member is mindful, thorough, and has an eye for the fine details to spot potential problems.

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Attention to detail should also be paired with good problem-solving skills. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one” rings very true regarding software testing. Each member needs to be creative, be resourceful, and know how to articulate their solutions. 

Outsourced QA Testing


As part of a quality assurance company, every team member needs to be adaptable and flexible since clients come from different industries and have their own set of challenges with regard to their respective software projects. 

In addition, flexibility also translates to each member’s willingness to learn new things to troubleshoot the unique challenges of each software project and company.

Efficient Time Management

Good time management is important for an outsourced QA testing team. This is because a software project has a dedicated timeline for each phase. Moreover, failure to deliver their findings on time can delay the whole project. 

Analytical Prioritisation

There may be a lot of hidden bugs in the code. The important thing is that ​​a software testing team can analyse the data and identify which ones should be prioritised first and resolved. 

Agile Mindset

While this is more important for QA managers, it is still vital for each member. This is an important quality that enables them to break down the assigned tasks and break them down into smaller iterations for better time management and productivity.

Peer-To-Peer Approach

Each member is responsible for their own productivity. However, as a team, each one should hold each other accountable by assessing the performance of the teammates and helping each other improve. 


There are always new technological advancements that will change the industry. Naturally, QA automation testing services are also changing in step with these innovations. A good software testing team would take the time to learn these trends, adapt to the new changes, and implement these new technologies in the services they provide. 

Guide on Outsourcing a Good QA Testing Team 

A good outsourced QA testing team is a smart choice if you are looking to save on costs and increase efficiency for your software project. That is why it is crucial to find the right team, to ensure consistent high-quality testing results.

With that said, we listed an easy guide on how to choose the right QA recruitment agency and assemble the right team that meets the needs of your business and software project.

Review portfolios and previous QA testing software projects

This is the stage where you need to carefully assess the experience, skills, and capabilities of each QA tester from the available pool offered by a Philippine outsourcing company or a quality assurance company. 

It gives you a better idea of the types of testing services they can provide, their approach to testing, and the quality of their work. Make sure to check their experience for both manual and automated testing.

Consider the QA team’s communication capabilities

Providing software and mobile app testing services is not just about their technical capabilities. You, your in-house team, your third-party partner, and your outsourced QA testing team will be communicating and collaborating throughout the duration of the project.

The ability to effectively communicate and elaborate ideas, suggestions, and solutions (both verbally and in written form) are good qualities you should look for. It is also crucial to factor in response times, how they respond to inquiries, and the accuracy and clarity of their feedback.

In addition, you should also discuss with the outsourcing agency about your respective preferred communication channels and process as well.

Discuss the QA testing team’s knowledge and skills

Some IT offshoring agencies, like Flexisource IT, give you the option to assemble your own QA testing team. However, that is not the case for some third-party providers. Other agencies would already have an existing team or assemble them before deployment. 

It is important to inquire about the agency about their QA testers’ experience and expertise. This includes requesting their certifications, degrees, portfolios, and transcripts of study. Be thorough, because your outsourced QA testing team can greatly impact the quality of the final product or service.

Another way to check your team’s capabilities is to have a trial period, even for a month. First-hand collaboration is an effective way to assess the important aspects and the overall synergy between your in-house staff and outsourced testing team.

Pay attention to the QA testing team’s work ethic

Beyond a testing team’s expertise and capabilities, they should also be efficient and complete the project in less time than your in-house team. That means they should demonstrate a strong work ethic and a collaborative working style with your team.

A weak work ethic can result in struggling to meet deadlines, producing low-quality work, and failing to communicate effectively with other parties involved in the project. Moreover, delays, even minor errors during QA testing, can slow down the entire project. 

With that said, during the trial period, you should assess the testing team’s capabilities in communication, problem-solving, and the quality of their output. Plus, they should be dedicated to their work, take responsibility for their actions, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. 

Underscore vendor-client transparency

While integrity and transparency should be considered the standard for all business dealings, it is still best to go over it with a third-party provider. Whether they are performance testing companies or IT outsourcing agencies, these two characteristics are vital. 

These two characteristics are the foundation for the success of your software product. In addition, this creates trust and builds a stronger relationship. 

Take note if the third-party provider is upfront about their processes, pricing, timelines, and any potential challenges or issues that may arise during the project and how they solve these. Or, they only provide the information upon consistent inquiry.

In addition, make sure to review the terms of the contract before coming to an agreement. 

An Outsourced QA Testing Team is a Big Boon

In conclusion, an outsourced QA testing team provides plenty of benefits for both your company and your software project. Right off the bat, they help cut down costs and increase efficiency. In addition, they are experts equipped with the right skill sets and resources to produce high-quality output.

Basically, a good software testing team can help further improve your project output. Moreover, they can shorten the development phase and get your product to market much faster. 

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