The demand for skilled experts in the IT industry is growing in conjunction with the need for technology and applications worldwide. In fact, Software and Applications Programmers raked the third most in-demand jobs for 2020 to 2021 in Australia. Likewise, many companies – small or big – are now hiring remote developers across the globe to curb this problem. Moreover, it also comes with several benefits like higher productivity, lower head cost, and better retention rates.

And despite these advantages, many companies are still hesitating to hire developers remotely. They think finding the right resource is arduous, and onboarding remote developers is more complex than traditional. Perse, this article will convince you why hiring a remote developer is excellent.

reasons to hire a remote developer

What is a Remote Developer?

Before going right to the benefits of hiring a remote developer, it’s essential to learn what a remote software developer is and what tasks they usually do. Remote developers function the same as your usual software developer or engineer. They develop, create, manage systems or programs using programming languages and frameworks.

The main difference between remote developers and the usual in-house software developer is that remote developers are not bound to work in one location or office. They can work anytime, anywhere, across the globe. In addition, more developers are not exclusive to doing only one project unless they were hired as dedicated developers. They can potentially work on two or more projects at the same time.

Top 9 Benefits of Hiring a Remote Developer

In many industries, especially IT, hiring remote developers has been a practice for a long time now. Here are some top reasons why you should hire remote developers:

1.    Access to global talent

One of the best reasons to hire a remote developer is that it provides you a venue to expand your talent pool substantially. Great software engineers and developers are in demand. This might make it difficult for your company to find a skilled expert, mainly with limited resources. More so, if you are looking for a developer with experience in using very modern technology or someone who works on your legacy system.

As such, opening your doors to hiring remote developers expands your choices in finding the right expert for a project. You can hire anyone, anywhere across the globe – might be close to you or overseas. You can even take advantage of hiring someone from countries with a competitive salary but provide high-quality work.

Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely and reach experts globally.

2.    Lower employment cost

Hiring a full-time onsite employee also equates to providing subsidies other than their salaries like medical benefits, insurance, paid leaves, social security, bonuses, overtime pay, retirement, etc. You are also responsible for providing other allowances like food, clothing, and transportation to any employee you hire. These costs can reach great heights when added up.

When hiring a remote developer or remote team, these expenses are usually covered by the freelancer or the outsourcing company. In addition, you can also entice more skilled remote developers to work for your company by adding benefits on top of the salary. This is still undeniably cheaper than hiring an onsite employee, which is one of the top reasons to hire a remote developer.

3.    Low to no infrastructure spend

When building a company; infrastructure is a must to invite applicants. You need appealing, well-designed workspaces located in a great neighborhood. On top of that, you are required to purchase the best and most extraordinary technology infrastructure, equipment, systems, and tools for your employees.

Another fantastic benefit of hiring a remote developer is that companies do not need to spend resources on infrastructure. To attract talents, there is no need to rent a physical workspace, technological equipment, and other expenses like electricity, communication, or food.

Remote developers enjoy the freedom of not being stuck in the physical office and having the flexibility to work anywhere they want. This could mean any place that makes them happiest and most productive to work, whether it’s a coffee shop, home, or a vacation place. You don’t need to provide them with equipment either, necessarily. They usually will use their laptop and internet connection to work for you.

So, save money and resources by hiring a remote developer. In fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics, companies can save around $11,000 per employee per year if they allow employees to work remotely.

4.    Fast communication and collaboration

Developers are well known to have a high ability to adapt and learn software solutions to do any tasks. They use tools daily for the right job. This also means that using modern communication tools is an easy peasy task for them.

No need to worry about facing communication with your remote developer. As an employer, you need to provide a wide range of communication and collaboration platforms and watch all the tasks.

Hiring a remote developer does not only save you time from going to the office to have a meeting with your developers. It also provides you the flexibility to contact your team wherever you are and whenever it is. Another great reasons to hire a remote developer.

5.    Available around the clock

In this digital age, we live in a world where the use of technology does not sleep. Everyone heavily relies on technology – from ordering food, doing groceries, to even communicating with loved ones. It’s now all up to smart devices and software.  We are all accustomed to instant gratification with just a flick on the screen.

Like them, IT services do not sleep. This is why companies can maximize the time difference between the country of their company and of the hired remote developer.

Onsite employees follow the traditional workday or the usual 8 AM to 5 PM schedule. And unless you hire a team to work the night shift, which also equates to the added cost, round-the-clock customer service is impossible.

However, this arrangement is possible by hiring someone from a place with a significant time difference. Another excellent reasons to hire a remote developer is their round-the-clock and overlapping schedules. Now, sleep well, feeling safe that someone will answer customers’ concerns and inquiries.

6.    No visa sponsorship is needed

Usually, companies acquire their skilled employees by sponsoring them their visas and moving expenses. However, this method is not easy as visas are generally harder to obtain due to immigration policies, which could cause a long wait time for overseas applicants.

In addition, hiring an overseas applicant comes with extra costs such as legal fees, move-in fees, airline tickets, and more. It could be an incredible hassle for many companies and not worth it, especially if the applicant ended up only working for a few years. Likewise, one great benefit of hiring a remote developer is that it does not come with all the hassle of getting a visa and relocation. You are getting the same quality service without thinking about all of these processes.

7.    Easily scalable team

Hiring a remote developer is a time-consuming and energy-draining task. However, as mentioned before, you have access to endless candidates from all over the world. Thus, when the need arises, you can hire a new remote developer without going through the hassle of hiring an onsite employee, such as sorting through many resumes or inviting them to your office for an interview.

With modern technology in your hand, you can find the perfect candidate using platforms like LinkedIn, glassdoors, and indeed. You can even hire an outsourcing company to handle all the hiring processes of getting a new remote developer. Just tell them what you need and your requirements. Another great reasons to hire a remote developer is that it’s easy

8.    Increased employee retention

According to a Gallup Report, 60% of millennials are always open to new job opportunities, and 21% changed their roles within the past years. In addition, Gartner reported that an organization that supports a “choose-your-own-style” work culture boosted their employee retention rates by more than 10%.

So one way to address employee retention is by providing them the flexibility to choose their work setting. Hiring a remote developer gives them the flexibility to do their job wherever they are. It can help them feel satisfied and retain the position longer.

9.    Higher productivity

Not everyone is productive at the same time. Some feel comfortable working early morning and some at night. With traditional onsite employees, it’s nearly impossible to give this much flexibility without risking the productivity of other employees or causing higher operational costs.

With all these things considered, hiring a remote developer gives your employee a choice not to be confined inside premises and be monitored around the clock. These will more likely help them get the job done in their chosen work hour than those who work in-house.


In summary, these are just a few benefits of hiring a remote developer. Building and maintaining a remote development team might be challenging, but it could be a rewarding choice if executed well. Ready to hire a remote development team? Remote Developer offers a wide range of IT services from the Philippines to Australian and New Zealand companies. Visit our services to learn more!