Social media is one of the most potent and most used tools globally. According to Statista, there is an estimated 3.96 billion social network users worldwide. And these number is estimated to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025. This data makes it undeniable why social media is popular with many marketers and brands.

However, social media platforms undergo several evolutions every year or sometimes, a few months. Social Media creators are very creative in keeping their applications alive and using their products continuously. Social Media networks add more and more features to their platform, resulting in a rapid change in user trends.

Digital marketers are not a fortune-teller. We can’t predict what the future holds. However, as marketers, we need to be intuitive about it. We should always keep track of the trends to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Monitor Social Media Trends?

It may almost seem impossible to sometimes keep up with the trends in social media as it constantly changes. But with technology in our hands, it is easier to know their strategies. So, before we jump on the future social media marketing trends in 2022, here are some pointers on how you can monitor social media marketing trends:

1.   Social Media Groups and Conversations

Social media marketing strategists should join groups that cover your expertise. There are a lot of groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that most members share their practices and observation on digital marketing. Via these groups, you can always stay on top of the social media marketing news – globally and sometimes locally.

To start with this strategy, you may want to find a group that specializes in social media marketing and start scrolling and reading conversations. Make sure to engage with other members and share your own findings. This is also a great way to create a network in your field.

2.   Twitter Hashtags

One of the best things about Twitter is that it’s still a news-based platform. You can still get a lot of information and learn about what’s happening worldwide. Social media marketing managers should take advantage of this and follow hashtags relevant to your niche or professionals in your field.

Social Media Marketing Trend in 2022

Together with our social media specialist, we have compiled the top 6 social media marketing trends in 2022.

social media marketing trends

1.   Video Content Will Be a Leading Social Media Format

If you have noticed, many social media networks have added streaming and stories content options on their platform, such as Reels and Live on Instagram, Shorts on YouTube, and many more.

This latest global social media marketing trend is expected to dominate the social media content format. According to a study conducted by Cisco, by 2022, 82% of online content will be video content.

This content format is perfect for connecting with older and younger audiences, especially with the decreasing attention span of users. It can also increase your audiences, especially those checking their feed while resting, and reading is not an option.

You can maximize this social media marketing trend by creating authentic content in this format like heart-to-heart conversations, interviews with an expert, Q&A about your product, influencer product review, how-to and tips, and more.

2.   Facebook Ads Is Going to Be More Efficient

Although Facebook Ad is a current social media marketing trend in 2021, it will continue to dominate in 2022. Suppose you are a PPC specialist advertising in social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. In that case, you will see how they are more effective than ever.

Facebook has kept it consistent in making it easier and better when promoting your products on their platform. Setting up an Ad is more straightforward with their system, and now you can easily reach your target market and audiences.

Not only that, but Facebook ads also allow the posting of advertisements in different forms like Carousel, Slideshow, and even videos. And with the rise of videos in social media marketing, you can now look forward to better and more efficient Facebook ads that will surely help your ads.

3.   Long-Form Content Retakes Center Stage

You may think that long-form content is no longer a thing in this new decade with the explosion of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts. However, many of these social media marketing trends had already expanded their allowed video length recently, with Tiktok expanding to 3 minutes and Reels to 60 seconds. Although these are just subtle and small changes, it wouldn’t be long until longer-form content retakes the center stage again.

In addition, according to Hubspot, 89% of marketers who leveraged from long-form videos are planning to invest and continue this content form in 2022. So, if you have not included this in your campaign, this is your chance to do so!

4.   TikTok Will Continue to Gain Brand Interest

Although TikTok only started three years ago, it is expected to be one of the latest social media marketing trends in 2022. With the social media app boasting 1 billion users, brands are now using it to connect with audiences to promote their products and services.

In addition to this, TikTok has recently launched its advertising and marketing features for business and content creators. According to A-List Daily, 67% of marketers intend to maximize these social media marketing trends and increase TikTok investment by 2022.

5.   Social Selling and Social Commerce Goes Mainstream

While this social media marketing trend has been around for ages, it has not become popular or a marketing bandwagon for a while. However, social commerce is in line with the top social media marketing trend.

Many companies like Facebook and Instagram included a selling option on their platform that enables customers to make a purchase directly on your page.

6.   User-Generated Content and Social Proof Build Trust

User-generated content has become a huge social media marketing trend before. But as more users become creative with their social media usage, user-generated content is becoming more popular with marketers. In fact, according to HubSpot, 79% of users says that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decision.

So, many social media managers collaborate with influencers to create user-generated content for their products to promote their company. This applies to UGC types from recommendation, product review, or event sponsorship.

And that’s it!

Foreseeing the latest social media trend today can help you build a more substantial presence on the internet and a sounder brand reputation. You now know what to watch out for next year and adapt your campaign accordingly with this list.

So, make sure to step up your social media marketing campaign and work with our specialists. Contact us now!