Building a career in information technology looks promising in this time and age where technology is a necessity rather than a preference. Each day, more and more people and businesses are relying on technology.

Thus, there is a massive demand for IT professionals worldwide. In fact, on a review conducted by Digital Pulse from Deloitte, Australia needs about sixty thousand additional IT professionals to meet the market demands.

So whether you are a fresh graduate looking to start a career in IT or a professional looking to expand your experiences, here are the top 10 highest-paying tech jobs in 2023.

Top 10 IT 2

1. Data Architect

A data architect builds a system that can store and process data. This person is responsible for deciding which database to use, how to structure it, and what kind of hardware to use. The responsibilities of a data architect are:

  • Designing the database schema
  • Choosing the appropriate hardware and software for the architecture
  • Deciding on the storage strategy
  • Scheming a backup strategy
  • Creating an indexing strategy

Likewise, this career appears to be one of the highest paying IT jobs in the industry, with an average of AUD 140k annual salary.

2. Solutions Architect

Solutions Architects are responsible for creating the overall tech vision to solve a specific business issue. Their job usually involves analysing a problem, designing and implementing a solution, and managing it in the future. In addition, most of the responsibilities of a solutions architect involve the following:

  • Prepare document testing requirements
  • Building an integrated information system (IS) for their clients or company
  • Resolving tech issues as they arise
  • Continues research with the current and emerging tech trends and implementation as needed
  • Incessantly asses the company’s system architecture and recommend improvements to the technical staff
  • Provide updates to stakeholders

With all these responsibilities included, Solutions Architect is considered one of the top highest Paying IT Jobs. Their salary usually averages around AUD 145k per year.

3. Domain Specialist

A domain specialist has a deep knowledge and understanding of a particular domain. They are experts in their field, can offer valuable insights, and have an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the domain market. It is one of the highest paying IT Jobs in history, having an average of AUD 190k per year.

Their responsibilities usually involved the following:

  • Set out protocols and principles for the use of solutions architect and delivery team
  • Analyse technology environment, enterprise specifics, and document requirements
  • Set collaboration frameworks
  • Control solutions development

Domain specialists can be found across all industries, but they are most common in marketing, IT, engineering, and law.

4. Security Engineer

A security engineer is a person who specialises in the design and implementation of systems to secure information from unauthorised access or other forms of malicious activity. They are responsible for assessing the risks involved in a project and proposing solutions to mitigate these risks. The job also includes developing procedures for handling security-related incidents.

Likewise, here are some of the security engineer’s jobs:

  • Testing security software
  • Monitor networks and systems security
  • Establish a firewall and other security protocols for the company
  • Keep the company security systems up to date
  • Upgrade, troubleshoot, and respond to security incidents

As such, security engineers received AUD 132k annually, considered the highest paying IT jobs in the industry.

5. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and managing cloud-based solutions. They need to know how to build applications that take advantage of the elasticity and scalability of cloud computing.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer:

  • Develop and implement policies for cloud service
  • Secure cloud environment
  • Ensure availability of cloud services
  • Deploy and debug new cloud system

According to ZipRecruiter, Cloud Engineer can receive as high as AUD 177k annually in Australia.

6. Data Scientist

In this data-centric world, data scientists are big data wizards. They do their magic by gathering, organizing, and analyzing each structured and unstructured data set. Most data scientists are the ones who know how to extract data and interpret it so both engineers and business entrepreneurs can understand it.

Here are other responsibilities of a data scientist.

  • Organize data into usable formats
  • Source out missing data
  • Build predictive models and machine learning algorithms
  • Design and implement an improved data collection process

Data science is one of the highest paying IT jobs in the world. Most received around AUD 92k annually.

7. IT Consultant

IT Consultants are among the industry’s most in-demand and high-paying IT jobs. They usually help companies or professionals make the right technology investment to help them operate. Usually, IT consultants are former Chief Information Officers with a high level of expertise regarding technology, infrastructure, etc.

Here are some of the primary duties of an IT Consultant:

  • Analyze and diagnose a company’s primary IT infrastructure
  • Understanding the company’s needs in terms of technology, software, database, etc.
  • Designing and implementing a technology solution

IT consultants make up to AUD 85k a year and are considered among the highest-paying IT jobs.

8. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a person who is responsible for the development and operations of a product. They are responsible for automating the release process and ensuring that the product runs smoothly.

DevOps engineers must communicate effectively with developers and operations staff to work on projects together. They also need to have a good understanding of software development and experience in infrastructure.

DevOps engineers are one of the top paying IT jobs in the industry, receiving more than AUD105k per year.

9. Telecoms Technicians

A Telecoms Technician is a person who installs and maintains telecommunication systems. They are responsible for establishing and repairing all types of telecommunication equipment, including mobile phone towers, data networks, internet networks, etc.

Telecoms Technicians must be qualified to work on different types of equipment and have knowledge in managing these systems.

Telecoms technician receives about AUD 73k per year.

10. IT Managers

An IT manager is a person who oversees the overall operations of an information technology department. They manage the company’s IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks, and data centers. Likewise, remote IT managers also take charge of developers and programmers to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

As such, an IT manager must have excellent communication skills because they must be able to coordinate with other departments to get the job done. They must also be able to handle pressure from upper management and their staff members who may have conflicting needs or expectations.

IT managers are probably one of the highest paying IT jobs out there. Most managers received more than AUD 135k per year.


These ten highest paying IT jobs are just a few of the career technology is providing. With technology improving and changing, various new careers are popping up left and right. So, start your career today and find the perfect IT job!