The global pandemic has changed the way how workers work. With the work from the policy implemented by companies, employees want to continue their work from home set up, and some even want permanently work remotely. According to a survey conducted by FlexJobs, out of the 4,000 respondents, 65% wanted to continue working from home after the pandemic, and 31% wanted a hybrid schedule.

And while remote working is beneficial in some way, this trend is concerning for most employers. Especially in IT, hiring remote developers could sometimes create an issue or add operational costs. IT companies need to be careful when hiring a candidate, taking into account their technical skills and their ability to communicate.

Likewise, this article will help you determine the must-have soft skills of Remote Developers that you need to look out for.

What is a Remote Developer?

Basically, a remote developer is your typical software developer or IT personnel. The main difference is remote developers are from all over the world. They have the freedom to choose where they can work, as long as they have a good internet connection.

Most remote developers work as freelancers. But some are employed by software companies. They work with computers, developing and designing programs

Why Hire a Remote Developer?

Companies hire remote developers for various reasons. The most common cause is for them to reduce operating costs and expenses. Companies do not have to worry about office space, infrastructure, and sometimes equipment by hiring a remote developer. It can also decrease hiring and retention costs while still getting the best talent.

Hiring a remote developer comes with endless benefits. As such, here are more advantages of hiring a remote developer:

  • Access to borderless talent can hire people from more than one region. No need to worry about their relocation or wasting commuting time.
  • No need to supply office space and equipment. Most remote developers use their own personal equipment if working freelance. Likewise, the company you outsource them will provide the necessary equipment and tool.
  • Higher productivity as they work anywhere, choose from, and are more motivated to work more.
  • Communication and collaboration are more accessible with remote developers
  • Avoid spending on visa and sponsorship

What are soft skills, and why is it essential for Remote Developers?

Soft skills are not based on your knowledge or training but instead associated with your personality traits and behavior. These are people skills mixed with social skills, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, and common sense.

Just like complex or technical skills, soft skills are crucial to success. People need soft skills to interact and collaborate with colleagues appropriately, especially in a remote setting. Soft skills are required for effective communication, self-management, and team project.

Top Remote Developer Soft Skills to Look For

As mentioned earlier, having soft skills benefits both employee and employer. However, these skills are often overlooked by both sides. Likewise, here are 7 crucial soft skills a remote developer must-have for successful progress and working relations:

remote developer soft skills

1.    Ability to work independently

Having the ability to work independently is one remote developer soft skill must-have. Being a remote developer means having to work primarily on your own. As such, remote developers should have the initiative to take responsibility for their own work and make their own decisions. They need to learn new methods and technologies and proactively be talking to their own team and colleagues. You also need to be self-motivated and ambitious to meet expectations without much help from your colleagues.

However, this does not mean that being a remote developer equates to being a loner. Being independent also means having the ability to communicate with others when necessary.

2.    Strong communication and collaboration skills

Sadly, communication is often a concern with developers. Many software engineers struggle to communicate with coworkers, especially those not in the same field. However, a lack of communication skills hinders a programmer. Communication is a necessary remote developer soft skill when developing a product. You will need to communicate your work with your supervisor and update the product owner on your progress.

An excellent remote developer can communicate to anyone their work, including teammates, managers, clients, or even business partners. They can always align with their business goals and expectations. Likewise, they are good collaborators and can quickly work together on a project or product with other teams. A remote developer with communication skills can present information to their teammates clearly and understandably.

Having these skills can benefit both remote developers and employers in the long run. With good communication skills, work can be efficient and smooth. A stronger relationship will also be established among employees and clients.

3.    Knows agile development

Another popular remote developer soft skill today is knowing agile development. Agile methodologies have proven the best project management methodology for IT companies and small developers. It provides developers the flexibility to work efficiently by helping structure their tasks and setting the right pace. It can also help remote developers notice issues before it becomes a blocker and solve them with their scrum leaders.

4.    Time management capability

When working remotely, it is easy to lose track of time. Due to this, there is a higher chance of not meeting deadlines or developing a toxic work-life balance. As such, time-management skills are a must-have remote developer soft skills.

While many remote employees thrive from remote settings, there are a few minorities who do not have a good sense of time consciousness. Remote developers should always be conscious of time, including when setting up a meeting or messaging a client. They need to respect other people’s time and be aware of time zone differences.

5.    Self-driven and motivated

Because no boss is nearby, remote developers need to be self-motivated to get their work done. Remote developers are as good as their on-site counterparts. However, they often face distractions and troubles that are not usually encountered by office workers. They need to keep focused on their task and limit distractions.

In addition to this, they also need to be self-motivated in learning the latest technologies and discovering creative ways to solve problems. They need to have the ability to dedicate some time to improve their capabilities to become a well-rounded employee.

6.    Comfortable with learning new technology and tools

Likewise, another must-have remote developer soft skill is adapting to the latest technology and tools. Learning does not always mean adapting. You can learn about this technology but at the same time do not use it as you are not comfortable doing so.

However, in this age of technology and information, competition is everywhere. Developers must stay up to date with the latest trends and practices. This does not only help remote developers to advance their career path but also helps the company invite more customers and clients.

7.    Creativity in solving problems

Likewise, creativity is another top remote developer soft skill. There is no one way to solve problems. Remote developers should be creative in using their skills and different tools efficiently. They should not be limited by programming or coding. They also need to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.


Hiring a remote worker comes with many perks, including flexibility, lower cost, increased productivity, and more. Still, companies need to be careful when hiring remote developers to avoid future issues and product failure. These soft skills are just a few of the needed skills that a remote developer must-have. As an employer, you need to define these must-have skills to fit your needs perfectly. Find those who can adapt quickly to your company culture and tasks.

It could be challenging. Luckily, a lot of outsourcing companies and agencies. So, if you are looking to hire your dedicated team of remote developers, we can help you. Contact us for more information.